GeroNursing Centre (GNC) is a centre of research and expertise at the University of Oulu,  ​providing research, education and networks for ​both the successful aging of older adults  and the  well-being at work of health care professionals. GeroNursing Centre represents the best available evidence-based expertise and practices in the field.

GNC offers continuing education as online courses for everyone interested in restorative care of older adults. GNC has developed a 3-level online training tray of restorative care that cuts across the entire senior care system. All of these courses are available online in the Moodle learning environment and therefore the trainings are not place- or time-bound. Hundreds of social and health care professionals have completed our most popular GeroNurse- course. We want to reach all who work or act, in one way or another, with older adults or who are seniors themselves. Everyone should be aware of restorative care, because it is the key for successful aging. 

The online courses provided by GNC are based on scientific research, which GNC also produces itself. We research restorative care of older adults from various perspectives in different environments, including digitalization, innovations and the leadership of elderly care.




Restorative care is the best solution for older adults now and in the future – let’s give everyone an opportunity for healthy and active aging.